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Active Server Flash Standard - Do you need some server side data visualization component in Macromedia Flash format? Do you want your web visitors to create a special, interactive Flash by your ASP/PHP scripts? Or use Flash to show your own professional data from database? Try Active Server Flash today!

Active Server Image - ASI is specially designed to generate custom industrial design, manufacture, business, medical, chemical charts for Microsoft ASP. It handles multiple concurrent requests quickly, while its light weight design consumes only a small amount of system resources. Key Features: Fast, Flexible, Easy to Use, ASI is a charting and graphics component for web servers and for embedding in applications.

ActiveTarget ASP Component - ActiveTarget is an active server component that allows you easily lookup countries by IP addresses and find out where the visitors to your web site are geographically and truly coming from.

ASP Web Database Interface Builder - Create professional, secure ASP forms with solid data validation, that allow you to Add, Search, Sort, Edit and Delete records in your online database. Build a fully functional interface in less than 10 minutes! Simply select your database, set table/field options, optionally choose color scheme/language and hit build! In seconds your asp pages are built ready to test and upload. Does not require server or client plugins.

ASPSearch - Keyword and categorical search engine. Has a web-based management interface and full text searching on all fields.

Comersus ASP Shopping Cart, + PowerPack Premium, Full Open Source - Power Pack Premium (Special Price) Special offer in this Premium Full Featured Power Pack containing: - BackOffice+ (full and new administration suite) - Get Random Product (rotates products from the catalof in any page) - Best Sellers Listing (real time listing of best sellers) - Email to Friend (email recommendations) - Fraud Prevention Package (avoid most common online frauds) - Forgot Password (retrieve customers passwords) - Catalog Auctions (create auctions from current catalog) - Much more!

VP-ASP Shopping Cart - Sell any type of product or service in any country in any language. Designed both for web developers and merchants. Designed for consumer or B2B. VP-ASP is comprehensive. VP-ASP is ready to work immediately. Quick install, and flexible to meet your needs. VP-ASP can be used stand-alone or VP-ASP easily integrates into any existing web site including those created by FrontPage or DreamWeaver.

DevWizard 2001 - DevWizard 2001 is a VB6 AddIn which allows a developer to create an entire 3-tier application with just a few clicks of his or her mouse. All you need to do is supply a valid ODBC or OLEDB data source, and DevWizard 2001 does the rest. Key features include: - Automatic generation of XML-enabled COM/COM+ objects - Automatic generation of ANSI SQL stored procedures - Automatic generation of ASP pages with JavaScript client-side code, useable with any browser - Optional generation of XML-enabled stored procedures for use with SQL Server 2000 (or later)

SmartLinks Framework for ASP.NET - SmartLinks is the ASP.NET components set that provides powerful framework in order to build dynamic URL query driven applications without URL parsing & assembling efforts. In addition to base level abstractions and components SmartLinks Framework includes such high level components as HierarchicalLink, MenuLink, TreeLink, DirectoryLink and CalendarLink. This high level components set provides easy, fully customizable and flexible way to publish calendar and hierarchical data bound structures.

Subscriber Mailing List Manager - Award Winning Tool for mailing list management! Send Text or HTML, Maintain Multiple Lists, Personalize Messages, and A WHOLE LOT MORE!. Subscriber has an easy to use web console where you control all of your mailing lists and it is enabled for use with MS Access 2000, 97, and SQL Server.

Stat Trak - Website Statistics - Award Winning website statistics application for ASP web pages. StatTrack tracks Hits, Page Views, Downloads, Banner Ad Click-Throughs, and Much More. StatTrack also comes enabled for use with MS Access 2000, 97, and SQL Server.

Padlock - Website Security - Flexible website security application for ASP web pages. Create an open or closed membership based system for your website. Secure all or just a portion of your web pages. Padlock is simple to use and enabled for use with MS Access 2000, 97, and SQL Server.

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